The company is owned by Hans Dahlbäck. As a five year old, Hans started to tune lawn mowers and as a seven year old he tuned his first car: a Volvo PV with B16 engine. As a 14 year old he installed a turbo and intercooler on this car with home made solutions. This was 1972 and there was no car on the market with intercooler at that time. Hans played with this car on enclosed grounds until time came for mopeds as a 16 year old.

Hans started to modify and tune Audis in 1983 when the Quattro arrived and there was a real car with four-wheel drive and a turbo engine. The solutions became increasingly advanced and in 1997 Hans started Dahlbäck Racing AB. Since then, there has been a lot of street and drag racing with different cars. In 1994 Hans won the street race class in Nordic Pro Street Cup with a Audi Sport Quattro with a fastest run of 10,508 and top speed 211,27 km/h. Nowadays there is mostly show racing at different venues around the world with a custom build VW Golf (see gallery).

New projects are always under way.

In 2003 the company has five employees and is specialized at building cars and parts according to customer specifications. Dahlbäck Racing AB constantly develops new parts for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda - part that are sold all over the world..

Dahlbäck Racing AB is also the exclusive importer of several know foreign manufacturers of custom parts for racing.

The business is always expanding and several new innovations always under way.

Workshop from the outside


Reception with the show room

Workshop with lifts

Rim and tyre section

Engine and transmission assembly section

Lathe and welding section

Parts of the stockroom

Parts of the stockroom

Office, lunch room